Letters from our Satisfied Clients

When we get updates from our satisfied clients we love to share them with our family, and when you get your puppy here at Shadowbrook Shepherds you become our family.  Be sure to send us pictures often, include a little note about: the awards you and your new pup win, cute things that your new family member does,... really just about anything goes here!  We want to share your happiness with everyone whom has found their family with us, and those who are about to find their new family with us!


Hi, Pat! Just wanted to let you know that Sheba is doing so well.  She is such a good girl!!! She is smart, friendly, calm (mostly) and has a great temperament.  Sheba loves people!! At first I was afraid she wouldn't be protective, but she is when she needs to be.

Thank you for breeding such a fabulous companion!!

She will start her German shepherd obedience training on Monday.  When we took her to be evaluated, the trainer could not believe how well-behaved she was already. We LOVE her!!


Best buds .jpg
Scarlett AAA! 8.14.14 .jpg
Trooper and Molly (Custom).jpg
Trooper's BEAR 011 (Custom).jpg


Bailey and Mayhem are now best buds......



Happy 4th birthday to Scarlet.   She is a daughter of Sadie and Ruger 8/14/14.  She's our sweet girl.  She loves her best bud....



Drago is 8 years old already.  He is a son of Cheyanne and Artie.  He is greatly loved by his owners.  



Ruger on All American National Pet Day, 7,12,2018  Couldn't pass up an opportunity to share a picture of my Ruger.


trooper and molly

Dear Pat,

I know it's been awhile. Here are a few current pictures of Molly and Trooper. ( with the new additions of Abe and Charolette ) All four go to training every week. Trooper still has soft ears however he can put them up when he wants to as you can see in the one picture. The picture of the bear is not a mistake. The picture was taken about three blocks from our house. It had been roaming the neighborhood for about a week and a half although it was never spotted until the day of this photograph. So how do I know it was in the area?? About a week before it was captured I was ready to send Trooper to the vet or to rescue. He was acting very strange and out of character. Especially when he went outside with the other dogs. He was constantly herding the&nbs p;
little dogs and carrying on. If either one started walking towards the rear of our yard or got near the fence he would pin them down with his paws or his body. If we left any of the other dogs out and left him inside he would go nuts inside the house. A couple of times at night when we left him out he would hit the bottom of the steps and make a bee line for the rear of our property barking and growling. The bear in the photo was captured on a Sunday morning. By the following Tuesday he was back to normal!!!!! The bear was taken to Northampton County and released. Trooper still watches after the little ones when they are all outside. It's his job.

Rich and Lilly 

Rocco A3.jpg
Ghepetto 7 months .jpg


Rocco is an amazing dog.  He earned many champion titles in the Agility Ring.  He has since crossed over the Rainbow Bridge, but we will never forget him.


Ghepetto is 7 months old already and already is a handsome guy!!  He's going to be a big boy!!


Matthias CGC .jpg
Beautiful HarleyABCD  .jpg
Jersey and Jack pals .jpg
Hugo in the field1.jpg
Schatzi and Ryken walk AAA .jpg


Mathias has earned his CGC (Canine Good Citizen Award)!!!!  We are so proud of you Mathias, and your owners!!  Mathias and Kasia are best buds also......


Harley is doing well in her new home.  She has grown into a beautiful girl.  She gets along with her new pals,  loves going to the bakery and loves to pick on the cat....  She also loves rides in the jeep.   She also loves playing in the snow.... 


Mischa has settled into her new home very quickly.  She is growing, growing.  She enjoyed her first boat ride and was face to face with a fish.......


Jersey and jack

Jersey and Jack are best buds.....  Jack is the new "ditch" inspector.  Thankfully, it passed inspection.   


Hugo is a big boy with a big heart.  He also chases bears away from his owner's house.  He loves hiking and swimming.   


Ryken is a Search and Rescue dog.  He has found some people already.  We are so proud of Ryken.  He loves swimming and hiking.



Schatzi is also a trained Search and Rescue dog.  She loves her balls, stuffed toys, and aggravating Ryken. 


Shadowbrook Shepherds

Pat Holley



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