Dexter is a gentle boy.  He loves hanging out with Roxy.  He also loves hiking and romping in the field.  He is always up for extra portions.....  He is a son of our beloved abby and max. 

UPdate: dexter has found his new “furever” home and is doing super. He loves his new family and is doing very very well. he especially enjoys going for rides in the truck…..


Zeus has an awesome Temperament.  He went to a local nursing home several times and was very well-behaved and well received.  he likes hanging out with the girls, and hiking.  he is very eager to please and loves learning new things.


kojack is a gentle boy also.  he loves chasing a ball,  and going for rides in the car.  he is very eager to please and likes learning new things.  He is a joy to have here.

Shadowbrook Shepherds

Pat Holley

Last Updated 4/22/2019

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