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In an effort to work with some of our younger, upcoming dogs, Please scroll down to see our adult dogs that are available…

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Moxie and Kojack

WE have Arrived!!!

February 10, 2019

3 males and 2 females

Proud moxie with her babies… She’s a great mommy……

We’re one week old already and growing, growing…….

we are five weeks old now, and got to spend some time outside. we loved the sunshine and exploring.

Moxie is a gentle girl. She is a daughter of Roxy and Ruger. She loves hiking, swimming, romping in the snow, hunting for moles or rabbits, and learning new things. She is a big girl and likes people, once she warms up to them. She also likes taking “selfies”.

Kojack is a gentle dog. he loves chasing a ball, hiking, and running. He is also eager to learn new things, and loves people.

ada and kojack

anticipated in mid may

ada is a loving girl. she enjoys hiking, playing in the snow, playing with the puppies, or just hanging out with us. she is very eager to please and likes to learn new things.

kojack is a gentle dog. he loves chasing a ball, going for rides in the car, hiking or jus hanging out with us also. he is very eager to please and loves to learn new things.

zora and zeus

anticipated in mid may

zora is an energetic, loving girl. she loves riding in the car and going on hikes. she also loves hanging out with us. she loves people and loves learning new things.

zeus loves people also. he went to a local nursing home several times to cheer the residents. he was well received and brought many smiles. he was very well behaved, especially for a young dog.

This is Gracie….. She is an older girl looking for a new “furever” home. She has personality, but would need to be the only dog in the household. She does get along with our cat, but would not get along with other dogs. She is spayed and up to date on shots etc. Please e-mail me for more information: phickok@epix.net

Ruger is also an older dog, looking for his new “furever” home. He may get along with a female dog. He loves swimming, and hiking. He would not get along with a cat. He will be neutered and is up to date on shots etc. Nice temperament.

Some puppy pictures from previous litters

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Our pups range in price from $ 1,995.00 (call for exact pricing, some select litters may be priced slightly higher). 

We have used Life's Abundance treats, and have used their Life's Abundance food also.
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We supplement our feeding regimen with NuVet.
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