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Zora and Ace

We have arrived!!

5 Males and 3 Females

January 16, 2017





Proud Zora and her babies.....





We are 1 week old already and growing growing.......


Growing, growing.......


We're two weeks old already. We have our eyes open and we're learning to walk, and moving around a lot.....



We are learning how to eat out of a dish. Yummm... Tasty....



We're three and a half weeks old already..... We're starting to play with our brothers and sisters and we're starting to explore a little bit outside the whelping box.....

Please check out our facebook page to see videos and more pictures of these puppies as they grow.....



Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!





We're 5 weeks old now and love hanging out with the big dogs......





We're 6 weeks old now and have been enjoying some sunshine and fresh air outside. That is fun......



This is Zora. She is sweet, and has a great personality. She's very eager to please and loves to learn new things. She loves people and loves playing in the water and the snow.


This is Ace. He is owned by a different kennel. Ace is a gentle dog with a nice personality. He likes people and loves playing with a ball. He is also very eager to please and was imported from Sweden.

He is truly an impressive dog!

Nutrition is a very important aspect of puppy's health and well-being. I am asked regurlarly what are you feeding your dogs? What do you recommend? I do have a food that I am now recommending with confidence. I have checked it out with the dog food rating scales, ran it by my veterinarian, (and she definitely approves this food.) and have also tried this food on several of my dogs before I am feeling comfortable recommending it to anyone!!And, you can check it out too. Here is the website to run it through the dog food rating critique.


I am comfortable recommending the Life's Abundance line of food for dogs and cats. I have seen dramatic improvements while feeding my puppies the Life's Abundance Large Breed Puppy Food, and also while feeding this to a couple of my dogs that have a more "sensitive" stomach. The results are very positive with this food. While we all desire to feed our dogs and puppies the best food available, price is always an issue. (This is just a fact of life.) The Life's Abundance line of foods, when compared pound for pound and feeding per feeding is definitely in line. You can actually feed a little less of the Life's Abundance with the same great results as some of the other premium foods. Life's Abundance is the next best thing to feeding a raw diet without the hassle and mess of feeding raw. I have fed the raw diet also, and the Life's Abundance wins hands down!! Life's Abundance is only available through select breeders and veterinarians. Here is the link to check out the Life's Abundance line of foods:


Please click on their products link and check it out. Also, when ordering, please click on the Auto-ship link as this will save you 20% off your orders. And, you can change your auto-ship preferences at any time or cancel if you are not completely satisfied. They will ship your dog food, right to your door. (Another savings in time and gas money...)

Some pictures from past litters.......








Aunt Sierra is pretty neat too....



The puppies love playing with Katey.... and Aunt Sierra....



Must be naptime...... Love how they curl up on top of each other......

Our pups range in price from $ 1,750.00 (call for exact pricing, some select litters may be priced slightly higher).  All pups are sold on limited AKC registration as pets (they are still AKC registered, but their offspring cannot be registered, and it is understood the intent of this dog was for a PET).  A full registration is available upon proof of OFA certificaton on their hips when they are two years of age.

 For more pictures of any of the above dogs or puppies, email us at phickok@epix.net and request them!!!


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